HMR, an engineering studio specialized in design, works management, safety at the site, and safety for the company

Over 20 years of experience. Rest assured.

HMR – Engineering and Services was founded in 1989 with registered office and operative headquarters in Padova and vaunts over 20 years of experience in providing hydraulic and civil engineering services, private and public works management, safety at the site and safety for the company.

A team of specialists

The Company

HMR personnel consists of professionals who have acquired specialized skills and experience in fields ranging from the construction of major infrastructures to liaison with public entities with excellent working knowledge of all the bureaucratic procedures required for the works in question.
HMR personnel possess all the requisites specified in Legislative Decree 494/96 for Safety Coordinators (academic qualification, 120 hour SC course attendance certificate, years of experience in the building industry). Additional qualification is derived from ongoing training and detailed studies on the issues impacting the safety and health of the worksite also through consultation of the constantly growing bibliography available, participation in specific training courses, conferences, and seminars.
HMR also avails of a network of consultants specialized in all the other problems that may arise during the execution of the tasks assigned.

Our clientele

HMR serves companies and public and private sector entities of all sizes in the management of complex projects that involve inter-disciplinary teams for successful completion on schedule and in the budget.

We work in Italy and abroad.


Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

Tel. 0498 763 688
Fax 0498 763 382

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