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Road-Rail Overpass in Via Sarpi, Padova


Work execution period: 2007 – 2009

Client: Municipality of Padova

Activities: Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  14.68 million Euros

This structure in the city of Padova part of the PRU “Overcoming the margins” traffic circulation project is located in the area between Via Sarpi and Via Da Bassano near the railway lines due north of the city walls. The design and construction of the urban viaduct was influenced by the space available and the need for junctions between the main roads in the area, as well as the railway line that conditioned the positioning of the abutments (both temporary and permanent)  and the height of the bridge floor. The intervention featured the use of on/off ramps made using concrete panels and framework that permitted the limiting of the footprint of the embankment required for the roadbed, the overpass longitudinal axis orthogonal to the railway line that reduced its length, and the positioning of the abutments outside the railway bed where they do not interfere with present and future (High-Speed) railway lines.
The work was divided into:

-south viaduct: with 2-lane roadway and 2 sidewalks (continuous beam with three bays:  22 m, 30 m, and 32 m), with three beams and transversal distances between center 5 m apart of varying height;

-road-rail overpass crossing  the railway line with 2 vertical arches that form an isosceles triangle with the base south of the railway and a bed suspended from the arches by means of suspenders (for an approx. 102 m span), northern viaduct with 1 access lane symmetrical to the structure’s longitudinal axis (continuous beam with two bays, one of which curved, with a max. 25.00 m span composed of two beams with transversal distances between center 5 m apart of 2 m height); access ramps to the viaducts, bridge floors supported by frames with all elements in prefabricated concrete.


Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

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