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Ponte Lungo in Chioggia


Work execution period: 2002-2004

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova

Activities: Design Phase and Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  4.215 million Euros

The bridge redevelopment project consisted in removing all the pedestrian passage superstructures installed in the 1950s, the restoration of the bridge to its original structure and the consolidation and reconstruction of its brickwork, the construction of a new metal and reinforced concrete structure  resting on its original arches adequate to supporting motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, facing  that included repaving, illumination systems, and the construction of new below surface utility networks. The new bridge vaunts a two-lane road, and sidewalks and bicycle paths on both sides for a total 13.75 m length. A railing supported by Istria stone posts separates motor vehicle traffic from the passage of pedestrians and bicycles, while the outer sides of the bridge on the Lagoon are protected by a railing with uprights in steel. In the central part of the bridge that originally held a belvedere, the original architectural elements were reconstructed with exposed brickwork and white stone.


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35131 PADOVA
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