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Ponte della Costituzione – Venice


Work execution period: 2002-2008


Activities: Assistance in Works Management as Supervisor of Works and worksite inspectors, Design Phase and Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  6.611 million Euros

This arched truss bridge designed by Arch. Santiago Calatrava has an 81 m span  considering only the section in steel; the total length covered by the steps is 91.5 m, however. Width varies from 9.38 at midsection to 5.58 at the ends. The arch has a 180 m radius. The bridge is formed of a central arch, two side arches, and two lower arches. Girders radiating outwards from the main radius join the arches together. The girders are composed of steel tubes and plates. One important project intervention consisted in the insertion of two areas near the bridge’s two abutments. These two areas serve as an extension of the bridge itself and create a symbolic celebratory  space for the city. The spirit created by the bridge lies in the two diaphragm foundations in reinforced concrete on the fondamenta/wharf of the Canal Grande. The same material is used for the bridge’s abutments  which has been faced with natural Istria stone. The bridge’s arch is entirely in steel, while the pavement is divided between tempered glass and natural Istria stone. In shape and materials, the pavement of the areas at the ends of the bridge reflects the existing Venice porphyry and trachyte stone block.


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