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Padova Trade Fair Overpass


Work execution period: August 2009 to date

Client: Comune di Padova

Activities: Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount: 13,178,535.64 Euros

The work in question is a part of the “re-stitching” of the urban texture envisioned by the PRUSST to mend the division of the city by the railway lines for the quick and easy  connection of the Padova’s biggest neighbourhood, Arcella, with the center of town and the university campus located between the Trade Fair Grounds and the Piovego River. The railway lines are crossed by an arch bridge with a 95.20 m span between its abutments and a total length of 97.60 m, with a 28.30 m roadway, pedestrian and bicycle bed. The main structure is regards the unification of the two loads by a cross stiffening bracket structure with horizontal bars. The suspension of the decks to the arches is made by a system of suspension wires and adjusting springs composed of paired high-strength steel bars. The arches have trapezoid sections and a constant height of 190 cm, and can be transited inside for inspection. The structure is completed on the south by two metal box bream bridges of three bays each that provide linkage to the existing road traffic network by means of circles, while access to the traffic network on the north side of the railway overpass is provided by a raised road supported by block walls and reinforced embankments. The continuity of the east-west axis is ensured by a tunnel excavated beneath the hill on which the pedestrian/bicycle path will be laid. The most challenging activities in terms of safety include the coordination conducted prior to the groundbreaking envisioned inside the arches, including the formation of a first-aid team and the rescue of any injured personnel necessary organized together with the Padova Fire Brigade and the coordination of the “Varo Team” that was assigned responsibility for ensuring the structure’s continuous thrust from the assembly surface to its definitive configuration on the abutments with the overpassing of one road and the railway line without interrupting road or rail traffic. The work of the English technicians from the “Dorman Long Technologies” company involved in thrust system monitoring operations using a “strand jack” system with hydraulic power units had to be coordinated with both the skilled workers of the structure’s construction company  working on provisory abutments and the workers operating the lifting machinery required for the moving and laying of the rollers and the removal for the materials excavated.


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35131 PADOVA
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