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Circle and junction road in Cadoneghe


Work execution period: 2009

Client: Municipality of Cadoneghe  

Activities: Works Management, Measurements and Accounting, Final Phase Safety  Coordination

Amount:  206,700 Euros

This intervention involved Provincial Road SP 31 “delle Centurie” (at Km 1+480) more widely known as Via Marconi and two city streets (Via Piscine and Via Belvedere). With an average width of  7.80 m, Via Marconi receives both heavy and light traffic. With average widths of  7.00 m and  8.00 m respectively, Via Piscina and Via Belvedere receive only local street traffic, and therefore Via Marconi receives most of the crossing traffic while the former two streets are only points of traffic origin or destination in the “Castagnara” suburb of the city of Padova and provide access to the latter. The Municipality required 7 m wide (verge not included) a circle intersection into which  3 roads and a total of 4 lanes enter (2 lanes for Via Marconi and one each for Via Piscina and Via Belvedere). A junction road  that deviates  the old street northward before entering the new circle and eliminates the existing junction no longer in use was made in the Via Piscina. In addition to the circle and the junction road,  a portion of bicycle path was constructed and the pedestrian footpaths were redone. The circle’s major radius was 18.00 m + 0.50 m verge with a 2.00 m wide inner hard shoulder  + 0.50 m verge to permit use by HGVs. The circle entered by the 4 lanes is 7.00 m wide not including the verges. The width of the circle’s entry lanes ranges from 3.50–3.90 m not including verge. The width of the exit lanes is 4.00 m. Works executed for utility networks included new sewage traps with gutters connected to the existing  rainwater sewer system, the sealing and removal of the black water sewers no longer necessary, and the sealing and removal of the city water mains piping no longer necessary. A new section of telephone network was set to bypass the sections no longer required. Sections of the gas network no longer necessary were also sealed and removed.


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