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Bridge over the Bacchiglione River


Work execution period: 2000-2003

Client: Comune di Pontelongo

Activities: Preliminary Design, Executive Design, Final Design, Works Management, Design Phase and Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount: 959,046 Euros

This intervention involved the demolition of the existing mixed steel-concrete three-bay bridge and the subsequent reconstruction of a new bridge of total 51.10 meter length. The new bridge also has three  bays with support piers distanced 16.00, 18.30 and 16.00 m apart and 14.10 m overall width. The deck is a mixed steel-concrete structure; the piers are built of a concrete beam with a constant thickness of 85 cm. The foundation were made using 1,500 mm diameter drilled piles 26.00 m long for each pier (4+4)  with 1000 mm diameter and 18.00 m length for each abutment (no. 1  + 11).


Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

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