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Bridge over the Adige River in Villabartolomea


Work execution period: 2003 – 2008

Client: Province of Verona

Activities performed as part of ATI Plan: Final Design, Design and Execution Safety Coordination

Amount:  13.638 million Euros

This project required the construction of a new road traffic bridge over the Adige River linking Spinimbecco in the Municipality of Villabartolomea on the right bank to Brazzetto one kilometer south of the Municipality of Terrazzo on the left bank. The bridge has a total length of around 690 meters and vaunts seven bays (3 central bays of 116 m, the next two lateral bays of110 m and the final two lateral bays of 60 m) and rests on six piers (two in the riverbed and four on land) and two abutments from which the structure begins. On the right bank, the bridge overpasses Via Cimitero, and the original road has been deviated to ensure a minimum 4 m clearance below. The bridge’s abutment on the right positioned in the countryside near the Spinimbecco Cemetery is connected by a new section of raised road 150 m long that enters the existing road network (former State Road SS 499 “Rodigina” now a city road) with a “T” intersection. On the left bank, the bridge enters Brazzetto on the road bearing the same name with a new section of road little more than 200 long.


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