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Water mains and sewer system on Isola Verde


Work execution period: August 2005 - 2006


Activities: Detailed Design

Amount:  3.795 million Euros 

The project regarded the water mains and sewer system for a total 7500 new users in the area occupied by  a new tourist complex to be built south of the Venice Lagoon between the mouths of the Rivers Brenta and Adige on Isola Verde, a tourist spot complete with a marina, golf course, and residential area. The new complex  was destined to feature hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, private homes, and offices serving the complex along with  a motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic network  and ample parking.

Black water: ND 200 and 250 mm pipelines in  spheroidal graphite cast-iron, connections in PVC AE 160 mm including sewage holding tanks.

Rainwater: pipelines in PVC from ND 250 to ND 630 mm, connections in PVC DE 160-200 mm including gutters and traps

Water Mains: pipelines in IDNJ 80 mm at ND 250 in spheroidal graphite cast-iron with Gisko-type connections from  1” to 2”. Three types of pumping were required, two for rainwater and one for black water sewers.


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