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Trezze Canal


Work execution period: 1998-2003

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova

Activities: Works Management

Amount: 13.747 million Euros

One of the largest inflows of fresh water to the Venice Lagoon is the Trezze Canal, which receives water from the Adige and Bacchiglione Rivers Reclamation Consortium area through an important inverted siphon system under the Bacchiglione and Brenta Rivers. The following works were required:

  • the sizing of the Canal Morto bed  in order to increaser the outflow capacity of reclamation waters outside the Venice Lagoon;
  • the construction of a new linking structure between Canal Morto and the Bacchiglione River.  A structure made entirely in reinforced concrete anchored to a set of diaphragms and a series of piers driven beneath the foundation slab was made for the barrage of the “Botte delle Trezze”
  • a pumping station system was inserted at the confluence of the  Canal Dei Cuori and Canal Morto;
  • the consolidation of the foundations and the restoration of the existing weir in Porte Vinciane to ensure full operation of the automatic control mechanisms.

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