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Sorga water treatment plant


Work execution period: July 2009 to date

Client: Acque Veronesi Scarl

Activities: Detailed Design and Final Design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Design Phase Safety Coordination

Amount: 1,521,800 Euros

The project  for the new Sorga water treatment plant envisioned the design and construction of an all-new water treatment plant capable of  treating all the waste water in the municipality of Sorga, a total of 5,000 population equivalent (p.e.) of which around 1,000 p.e. derived from industrial activity. The average, peak, and maximum treatable flowrates amounted to 1,260, 2,520, and 3,780 cu m/d respectively. The treated water will have characteristics with the limits specified in Table 3 of Attachment 5 to Leg. Decree 152/06 for discharge into surface water, most of which will be used in irrigation and discharged into a rainwater sewer system irrigation canal. The project envisions a compact solution with a pre-treatment section  composed of a combined sand trap, degreasing, and fine riddling section.  The biological process will be combined in a single circular structure with denitrification (using vertical mixers)  and nitrification (with an aeration system with fine bubble membrane panels) followed by a vertical and radial flow settling tank (with mixer arm, sectored bottom scraper and surface skimmer) positioned at the center of a circular crown composed of biological reactors and the sludge circulation inspection well. The clarified water leaving the plant will be subjected to safety filtration through a disk filter with filtration cloths and final UV disinfection. The sludge line envisions static-type basin thickening and dehydration by centrifuge with an automatic poly-electrolyte preparation and dosing system. The project also includes the supply and laying of 1.5 km of pipeline and the expansion of two existing pumping systems.


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