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San Giuliano impianto idrico


Work execution period: June 2006


Activities: Final Design

Amount:  1.1 million Euros

This project required the creation of a water distribution system (in 100 mm OD spheroidal graphite cast-iron pipe), a black water sewage line (in 01/1200 mm spheroidal graphite cast-iron), and a rainwater collection line (of 30-80 cm ND in vibration-compressed light structural concrete) and fire-fighting (VE125 mm HD PE 100 PN16) water line serving the new structures required for compatible activities in two-story buildings  with annexed roofed landing along the shore of Canale San Giuliano to 1000 m length. The water distribution system included all connections, inspection wells, valves, equipment, vents, drains, pressure reducers, an intakes for above-ground fire hydrants. The black water sewer line required a pumping system in an underground  concrete tank with two submersible motorpumps and one pressurized Oe63 mm HD PE PE100 PN10 line 135 m long. The rainwater sewer line required an underground concrete first flush rainwater tank with submersible motorpump to pump the first 5 mm of rainfall to the black water sewer network. The excess rainwater overflowed through a 300 mm PVC pipeline into an adjacent collection tank equipped with a pressurization system for the fire-fighting network.
The project also included the shifting by 1000 m of two steel water pipelines - /E600 and 1000 mm – serving the city of Venice and the refinery island with the use of new helically-welded steel pipes lined with non-toxic epoxy resin and sheathed in triple-layer PE.


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