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Restructuring of Arzignano-Chiampo canal


Work execution period: 2008

Client: Acque del Chlampo S.p.A.

Activities: Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Final Design, Design Phase Safety  Coordination

Amount:  499,000 Euros

This project consisted in resizing and improving the hydraulic section of the deteriorated sections of the Arzignano-Chiampo Canal in the historical urban center of Chiampo and in the definitive regulation of the canal with a reduction of flows by discharge into Chiampo Stream in order to eliminate the threat of flooding in the inhabited area. Another objective was the elimination of the rainwater entering the Vignaga-Valle Oscura hills basin that affects the section of the canal included in the future Detailed Plan 12 by the construction of a 74 m long rainwater sewer with100 x 80 cm section that flows into the canal and a 120 x 100 cm floodway  further downstream that carries into Chiampo Stream rainwater from both the hills basin and DP 12 area and also the excess flows from Chiampo Canal. New prefabricated box-type elements in pre-stressed vibrated reinforced concrete created to resist the loads on the road were sunk below ground at reduced depths  in three different sections: a first 32 m length on private property with 250 x 120 cm section, a second 45 m length in Piazza Zanella in the center of Chiampo with 250 x 100 cm section, and a third first 70 m section in the roadway 120 cm diameter.


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