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Papalini Spring water supply line expansion


Work execution period: November 2003 – March 2006

Client: Acque del Chiampo S.p.a. 

Activities: Works Management, Complementary Design and Execution Safety Coordination

Amount:  1.162 million Euros

The works in this project involved substituting the existing PVC ND 140 supply line with a ND 250 pipeline in spheroidal graphite cast-iron from the station upstream the Chiampo Stream crossing check dam to Ferrazza Lake for a length of 1130 m along trails and the paved road, the substitution of the existing PVC ND 140 supply line composing the Papalini line from Ferrazza Lake (Crespadoro) to the hydraulic intersection node in San Pietro Mussolino with a new ND 350  pipeline in spheroidal graphite cast-iron for a length of 6185 m , the laying of a DN200 pipeline in spheroidal graphite cast-iron pipeline  from the San Pietro Mussolino hydraulic intersection node  to the existing holding tank that contains the branch-off for the San Pietro tank  at the intersection of Via S. Pietro Vecchio and Via Belvedere for a length of 160 m, connections to the existing tank supply lines beneath the current Papalini line; the creation of the preparations required for the future connection at Crespadoro to the  projected intake line from Ferrazza lake; for the connection at S. Pietro to the future pumping station and to the new hydraulic intersection nodes along the route, including the  preparations required for future branches for the sealing of the principal  distribution loops; the suspended crossing of Chiampo  Stream  and four valleys, and the crossing over or under five culverts and Chiampo Stream. The construction of a new connection to an apartment building on Via Roma (20 users) located on Val di Chiampo Provincial Road SP 31/43 with a ND 100 mm cast-iron pipeline approx. 72 m long  up to a holding tank  from which a 2”  HD PE pipeline of 100 m total length for the perpendicular crossing connection in Via Roma for a length of approx. 7.5 m up to the meter box. The creation of a secondary water supply line in 75 mm OD HD PE of approx. 100 m length that branches off from the trunk line to perpendicularly cross Provincial Road SP 31 by passing  approx. 15 cm beneath the box-type culvert of a canal to serve all the buildings along a private road.


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