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Montorso-Poiaracca water line linkage


Work execution period: 2007

Client: Acque del Chiampo S.p.A.

Activities: Preliminary Design and Final Design, Design Safety Phase Coordination

Amount:  458,000 Euros

This project  required the substitution of 1,080 m of obsolete water distribution lines in Via Tiro a Segno and Via Valle (Provincial Road SP 13) in  S. Bortolo with a new 250 mm diameter cast-iron line sheathed with a diphase zinc-aluminium alloy, rapid spigot and socket joining, and built-in removal-proof lock rings. Connections to users required 345 m of HD PE 100 PN16 substations with 90 mm OD  joined by butt fusion welding, and 234 m of 100 mm diameter cast-iron for branches. Also required at the same time was the shifting/reconstruction of 174 m of rainwater sewers using structured pipes in co-extruded, double wall high-density PE smooth on the inside with corrugated exterior (SN8) joined by HD PE sleeve or spigot and socket systems. At the same time, the final 90 m linkage of the black water sewage line just constructed in Via Pelosa was completed using 250 mm OD butt fusion welded HD PE100 PN 6 piping.


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