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Integrated Fusina Pollution Control Project


Work execution period: 2007 to date

Client: S.I.F.A. SpA

Activities: Execution  Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  172 million Euros

The Integrated Fusina Pollution Control Project  (PIF) ensures complete control of all polluting inflows from the central area of the drainage basin. Intensive water treatment is combined with discharge in an area where the risk to the lagoon and the mainland is reduced to minimal. Water from the Fusina water treatment plant  are currently transferred by a pipeline that collects the civil and industrial waste waters from the Mestre, Marghera, and Mira areas and sends them mixed together to Fusina for treatment.
The PIF Project envisions separating civil and industrial waste water supply lines at the partial responsibility of VERITAS, partially through other interventions, and partially through project financing, and in particular, through:

  • the installation of post-treatment modules for waste waters “A” and “B” (VERITAS water treatment plant)
  • supply lines for the recycling of waster water “A” and the transfer of waste water “B” (land-based pipelines)
  • biological treatment of waster water “A”  (Tank “A”)
  • a line for discharge into the Adriatic sea.

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