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Hydraulic compatibility of the S. Giustina in Colle PAT


Work execution period: 2010

Client: Municipality of Santa Giustina in Colle

Activities: Hydraulic Compatibility Assessment

A hydraulic compatibility study of the S. Giustina in Colle PATI Territorial Plan is currently being conducted as defined in “Theoretical Guidelines and Operating Procedures” for the Hydraulic Compatibility Assessment required for the drafting the town planning instruments contained in Attachment A to DGR No. 2948 dated 06/10/2009. The assignment consisted in all the activities  required to evaluate the compatibility of the hydraulic transformations required by urban development on the basis of the content of the PATI Plan and other studies and plans regarding hydraulic risk conditions. Such activities included the definition of the area’s hydrological, hydrographic, geomorphologic and geologic features, the characterization of the hydraulic catchment networks, and the study of the compensatory measures to be adopted in the PATI Plan. The detailed analysis of the existing conditions in the metropolitan area also required a series of meetings with municipal authorities, the Spring Water Reclamation Authority, and the Padova Civil Engineering Department in order to obtain all the information and town planning/forecasting documents in force, documentation regarding areas of potential flooding, instability, hydraulic risk, and all the territory’s critical hydraulic points.


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