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Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (Iraq-Kurdistan)

Amount of works: US$ 4’049’867

Activities: 2011 – 2012. Preliminary and Detailed Design
















A Contracts for Preliminary and Detailed Design for the construction of a concrete gravity dam in the Region of Iraqi Kurdistan, value of Iraqi Dinars corresponding to about $3,802,611.13, has been awarded in 2011 to HMR Engineering Company, after a public tendering process.

The main features of the work are:

• catchment area 20 km²;

• maximum impounded volume 647,674 m³;

• Dam height 12.00 meters over river bottom;

• length of crest (3.00m wide) 115.00m;

• spillway width 20.00m;

• volume of excavation for dam sections, bottom outlet and spillway and 20,000 m³;

• concrete for the dam, bottom outlet, spillway and various works for 20,000 m³;

• irrigation system with steel pipes of various diameters for a total lenght of 4,000m;

• access&service road about 2,000m long.


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