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Equalization Tank in Trissino


Work execution period: 2008

Client: AVS - Alto Vicentino Servizi S.p.A.

Activities: Preliminary Design

Amount:  4.35 million Euros

This project required the construction of a storage and equalization tank upstream from the existing primary settling tank that served to ensure the equalization of the characteristics of the waste water entering the biological treatment system, permit the treatment of higher waste water quantities even in serious rainfall conditions, and modulate the feed to the a.m. system as required by the concentrations of incoming pollutants. The works required were:

  • coarse riddling, pumping, fine riddling, desanding, and degreasing of a 4,500 cu m/h flowrate;
  • the construction of a 4-compartment storage and equalization tank with a total volume of around 10,000 cu m equipped with mixing systems and a pumping station with a max. 1,800 cu m/h pumping capacity to feed the subsequent treatment phases;
  • a spillway section for the flow that exceeds the capacity of the accumulation tank with a 900 cu m/h capacity sedimentable solid separation line;
  • a discharge by-pass line sized for a pumped flow subjected to pre-treatment equal to 4,500 cu m/h, which is equal to the value of permissible discharge into Poscola Stream.

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