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Acqua Alta/High water protection in Chioggia – Integrative works on Canal Vena


Work execution period: 2008

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova

Activities: Final Design

Amount:  1.4 million Euros

The safeguarding interventions for Venice and its lagoon included the construction of collection systems for the discharges coming from the sewers in the western bank of Canal Vena near Corso del Popolo that previously flowed directly into the lagoon. These waters were collected in a pipe bracketed to either the walls of the foundations or the reinforced concrete beam at the base of the wharf and then conveyed into the Corso del Popolo city sewer system through three pipelines positioned  beneath three calli/alleys in Venice. The suspended pipe with 250 mm diameter and 14.8 mm thickness in armoured 100 PN 10 mm HD PE was externally sheathed with an additional layer of 3.0 mm HD PE. SN 8 PVC piping with walls structured for sewage applications as per EN 13476 UNI 10968 Standard  with 315 mm OD was used for branch lines running beneath the alleys. The pipe bracketed to the wharf was provided with external protection using African Azobé wood sheet piles 4.0 cm thick and 4.5 m long  vibro-piled  to 2 m depth in the canal  bottom with 2.4 m protruding above ground equipped with spacer joists at the top for the fastening of Azobé boards as support surfaces for boat wharf use.


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