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Upgrading of canal containing walls in Porto Marghera


Work execution period: 1998 to date

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova 

Activities: Design Phase and Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount: approx. 500,000 Euros

The Master Plan identifies a system of no fewer than 15 “macro-islands” in the area as defined by geographical and hydraulic criteria with reference above all to the separation between contaminated soil and lagoon: S. Giuliano, Passo Campalto, 1st Industrial Area,  Port Area, Refineries, Oil tanks, Old Petrochemical complex, New Petrochemical complex, Tresse, Malcontento, Fusina, Northern Macro-islands, Forte Marghera – Isolo delle Statue, Campalto – Osellino, and Agricultural areas.  This series of interventions is being conducted for the purpose of stopping and reversing the processes of environmental deterioration in the lagoon, including the release of substances from polluting sediments and the deposits of waste inside the lagoon. The operations specifically scheduled for Marghera are: reinforcement of the containment walls of the canals (placing such banks in conditions of safety and completing the safety implementation procedures already underway), the removal of all polluting sediments possible, and the covering of the existing polluting sediments between Venice and Porto Marghera that cannot be removed.

1st phase interventions: the implementation of containment wall safety systems usually requires the use of embankments composed of a series of metal sheet piles sunk along the bank. These metal sheet piles are structurally joined and sealed by the use of the  appropriate polyurethane sealing liners  and driven down to the depth necessary to ensure the interception of the waters from the first pressurized water bearing layer. Wherever the depth of the industrial canal in front of the row of sheet piles is greater than  4 m, the such piles will be structurally reinforced by stay bolts and anchoring systems.

2nd phase interventions: these operations are those designed to increase wherever necessary the performance and efficacy of the existing containment works in order to avoid further erosion and intercept the water-bearing strata  and rainwater carrying polluting sediments.


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