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Safeguarding interventions for Venice and its lagoon


Work execution period: 2008

Client: Municipality of Chioggia, Venice Water Management Authority

Activities: Activities: Study and planning of interventions in the Chioggia area

In the context of safeguarding Venice and its lagoon, the State must guarantee the preservation of the landscape, and the historical, archaeological, and artistic heritage, regulate hydraulic equilibrium, and defend the environment against air and water pollution  while ensuring  socio-economic vitality in the context of the general territorial development of the Region. In particular, the Municipality of Chioggia has received various funds over the years for the physical and environmental defence of the lagoon and its hydro-geological rebalancing, the stopping and the inversion of the degradation process and the elimination of its causes, the defence through localized interventions of the historical city centers, defence against unusual acqua alta/high water levels also by means of erecting embankments. Other works that regard Chioggia indirectly, such as sea port interventions in defence of the shoreline or the restructuring of natural and artificial bodies of water that affect the integrity of Venice and its Lagoon have also been covered in agreements reached between the Municipality of Chioggia and the Venice Water Management Authority. The series of interventions in municipal territory for the 2009-2011 period proposed by the Chioggia City Council and the respective budget  were analysed and further developed after division by category in the financial scheme regarding the physical and environmental defence of the lagoon, the preservation of the landscape, and the historical, artistic, and architectural heritage, and  socio-economic development  with particular attention on the completion of the works already begun. Said programmed interventions may be performed directly by the Municipality of Chioggia and  territorial agencies in accordance with the program stipulated between the same (Venice Water Management Authority, Veneto Region, Venice Province).


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