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Resizing of Canal Morto


Work execution period: 2004-2007

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova and Veneto Region

Activities: Design Phase and Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  5.216 million Euros

The Veneto Region, the  Venice Water Management Authority, and the Adige and Bacchiglione Rivers Reclamation Consortium established the importance of  intervening in Canal Morto in the section between hydraulic intersection node of Canal Barbegara and Ca’ Bianca, and the completion of the work for the  resizing of the canal  already completed in the section between Ca’ Bianca and the confluence of the Canal Morto into the Bacchiglione River. The interventions foreseen were required to improve the hydraulic and environmental conditions of Canal Morto by resizing the banks and placing them in conditions of safety  given their evident signs of erosion. In order to stop the phenomena of slippage and erosion of the banks following brush cutting and  topsoil removal, a three-dimensional geotextile polyester net  reinforced with metal screen was laid, whereas in the area subject tidal excursion, the package was further completed by a layer of geotextile. Rocky banks were created in all critical areas, while a layer of turf was inserted  in others to promote both the growth of further vegetation and the commencement of natural phyto-purification processes typical of wetlands. In the parts of the canal characterized by the significant  presence of layers of peat on the right bank , a metal sheet piles were sunk for protection against infiltration. During the initial inspection phase, the creation of a pedestrian footway/bicycle path at the top of the Canal Morto’s right bank was also envisioned in addition to the lengthening of the sheet pile section.


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