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Reclamation of the Saline Lagoon in Cagliari


Work execution period: 1996 - 2000

Client: Ministry of the Environment

Activities: Drafting of Master Plan

HMR staff was involved in the drafting of the Master Plan for the reclamation of a large area of naturalistic value outside the city of Cagliari (Sardinia). The Saline-Poetto Lagoon lying outside the city of Cagliari has been highly polluted by outfalls from the sewage systems from the towns in the area. The Cagliari municipal authorities have inserted the area in a tourism development project due to the lagoon’s vicinity to Poetto Beach.
The activities consisted in:

  • restoration to sand to beaches
  • reclamation of the salt flats historically used to produce sea salt
  • construction of hiking trails, bicycle paths, and overpasses
  • the restoration of existing historical buildings and the construction of new itineraries.

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