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Favaro Veneto hydraulic safety implementation plan


Work execution period: 2008

Client: Veneto Region – Special Commission for the September 2007 Flood in Mestre

Activities: Preliminary Design and Detailed Design

Amount:  3.6 million Euros

This project’s objective was to provide a practical solution to the hydraulic problems in the municipality of Favaro Veneto in the context of the actions taken by the Special Commission for the September 2007 Flood in Mestre. The existing network of sewer system, municipal and private agricultural drainage canals systematically interferes with the mixed sewer system and worsens the rainwater drainage circuit already undersized for current flows as it is. Interventions including the construction of new rainwater sewer pipeline, drainage ditches and canals, and rainwater collection tanks were made to store and distribute discharges in a range of receivers in order to lessen the burden on the existing network and permit faster rainwater evacuation in order to remove the threat of flooding at least by rainfall with a fifty year Recurrence Interval.


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