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Defending the Isle of S. Erasmo from acque alte/high water


Work execution period: 2001-2007

Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova

Activities: Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  58.968 million Euros 

This integrated series of interventions for defence against acque alte/high water, urban and environmental renewal and landscaping on the Isle of S. Erasmo  included the construction of embankments, the re-arrangement of the sewers, the construction of docking and mooring structures, and a number of town planning works, most notable of which was the restoration of Torre Massimiliana and the Fort at its side that has been converted for cultural use. These restoration operations involved the complete survey and measurements on the state of conservation of the complex, the demolition of the Tower’s reinforced upper story concrete slab and the reconstruction of the original wooden rafters, waterproofing and insulation, the installation of systems for electricity, lighting, heating, and cooling, the recovery of the historical embankment section where the technical element required for the operation of the Tower were positioned, the restoration of the wooden bridge  providing entrance to the Forte and external repairs.


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