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Canal calibration in Cavarzere


Work execution period: 2009

Client: Adige and Bacchiglione Rivers Reclamation Consortium

Activities: Final Design

This project was intended as a means to limit the flooding caused by precipitation in the Porzile canal basin by providing protection against an estimated rate of discharge with Recurrence Interval of 50 years. The 6.5 km long canal presents a markedly uneven bed with sections in counterslope and others in which the banks are significantly lowered.  Numerous structures obstruct flow in the canal, and the hydraulic section available is reduced in some points by the piers supporting crossing structures that show signs of erosion. The flow sections inside the culverts appear to be additionally choked by accumulations of sand and peat. The intervention was required to eliminate the canal’s risk of overflowing, facilitate the canal basin’s natural drainage while keeping the level of water inside the canal lower than the bottom of the ditches, and facilitate outflow in the direction of the pumping station. For this reason, the project consisted in the levelling of the canal bed, the widening of its flow sections by means of the excavation of the bed sections with the minimum widths of 6 m and the escarpments of 3:2 slope, the positioning of wooden piles 3 m long  at the foot of the banks in peaty  areas and, the wrapping of the soil around the piles with geotextile net, followed by filling to 3:2 slope. Sandy areas required the lining of the banks with geotextile net and calcareous gravel. A reinforced concrete support structure was demolished, and the collapsed and/or lowered banks were rebuilt with the material excavated.


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