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Arzignano water treatment plant


Work execution period: 2002 – 2005

Client: Acque del Chiampo S.p.A.

Activities: Works Management, Variance Survey. Complementary Design, Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Contract work amount: 876,839 Euros
Variance survey amount: 777,379 Euros
Completion work amount: 99,460 Euros

This project  consisted in the construction of a new denitrification  section, the substitution inside the oxidation tanks as required by the aeration system with fine bubble nozzles fed by compressors, and the laying of supply piping, the overhauling of the hydraulic connection network  for the circulation of the mixture aerated by oxidation  and for feeding of the oxidation and settling tanks, and the construction of a new structure for the compressors serving the oxidation tanks.
The following technical improvement solutions were included in a Variance survey prepared by the Works Manager, HMR Studio:

  • inversion of the position of the denitrification tanks  with the compressor room while eliminating structural interference with the existing canal;
  • construction of a holding tank adjacent to the existing canal with the insertion of two sluice gates and a short section of pipeline;
  • resizing of the stainless steel collection canal in order to permit the circulation of nitrates in addition to activated sludge, including the respective stainless steel support structure  extended to the canal positioned in the middle of the denitrification tanks equipped with an ultrasonic flowmeter, and the elimination of the inspection well originally envisioned;
  • the installation of air feed ducting beneath the sludge circulation canal bracketed to the same support structure;
  • the creation of a unified fixed command and control panel, the installation of an operator/control panel interface board positioned beneath the main control panel and connection of the Profibus network to the new floatation unit’s command and control computer with the implementation of supervision software;
  • the implementation of the system for the diffusion of air into the oxidation tanks with a larger active transfer surface using a lower number of disks for reduced maintenance requirements.

At the same time as the Variance Survey, the plans for the following completion works were drafted by HMR Studio:

  • the  installation of mixed liquor circulation pumps for the oxidation tanks (no. 2 pumps per tank) and the laying of the pipe rack tubing required to send the sewage into the circulation canal;
  • the creation of linkage between the discharge canal leave the final settling tanks and the floatation tank discharge canal;
  • the restructuring of the oxidation tank feed canals with the adaptation of the section to the new flow in transit;
  • the construction of a new flow divider for the feeding of the oxidation tanks equipped with inlet flow adjustment sluice gates

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