HMR, an engineering studio specialized in design, works management, safety at the site, and safety for the company

Municipality of Cadoneghe


Work execution period: 2003 – 2005

Client: Municipality of Cadoneghe

Activities: Works Management, Execution Phase Safety Coordination

Amount:  384,492.58 Euros

The complex cast onsite in a traditional reinforced concrete structure consisted of flat frame with vertical elements, pillars and walls, and horizontal elements, beams, and floors (made with Predalles prestressed slabs) and surface foundations and rectangular  beams for the central posts and inverted “T” beams for the perimetral posts. The building’s outer walls  were  cavity walls with insulation panels inside. The concrete blocks of various thickness used for partition walls were of two types: exposed and plastered. The building’s outer curtain wall featured aluminium door and double panel window frames. Indoor partition walls were built in air bricks of variable 6.8 to 12 cm width  provided with an appropriate coating of premixed civil plaster with roughcast applied to the bathrooms. Preparations for pedestrian walkways and a number of parking slots were provided outside.


Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

Tel. 0498 763 688
Fax 0498 763 382

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