HMR, an engineering studio specialized in design, works management, safety at the site, and safety for the company

Buildings in Mestre


Work execution period:  2006 - 2008


Activities: Final Design, Works Management

Amount:  1.59 million Euros

This housing and office block project in the area above required the construction of 6 new buildings of varying floors with attached parking and pedestrian areas alternated with greenery; a completely underground cogeneration plant is also foreseen. Roadworks for adequate insertion in the territory with creating additional burden to the local traffic network were included at the same time. The main work consisted in earthmoving for roadworks and the creation of the necessary heights; the covering of the collecting canal following the insertion of medium-diameter drilled piers beam  foundations; the formation of the road foundation in mixed aggregate  and paving in bituminous concrete; the creation of the water mains and black water sewer network with its pumping station; the construction of rainwater collection and elimination systems with manifolds, trenches, inspection wells and screened canals; the formation of traffic-free islands cordoned off by prefabricated barriers; and the laying of horizontal and vertical signage.


Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

Tel. 0498 763 688
Fax 0498 763 382

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