HMR, an engineering studio specialized in design, works management, safety at the site, and safety for the company

Padova's railway? Let's overpass it.

The new Sarpi road-rail overpass in Padova shortens the distance from North and West districts, we guarantee for its safety

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Road-Rail Overpass in Via Sarpi, Padova

The world’s most beautiful city is given a new structure

HMR supervised the management of the works and the safety.

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Ponte della Costituzione – Venice

Fondamenta's safe design

Functional restoration of fondamenta S.Simeone in Venezia with HMR intervention

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Fondamenta S.Simeone

An enormous task
demands 100% safety
all across the board.

Mose, an integrated system
of mobile dams that protects Venice
against tidal peaks.

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Piano Mose

at nature's service

HMR writes the project
for Cagliari's
Laguna delle Saline

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Reclamation of the Saline Lagoon in Cagliari

Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

Tel. 0498 763 688
Fax 0498 763 382

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