HMR, an engineering studio specialized in design, works management, safety at the site, and safety for the company

Our Clientele

Public administrations Private and state-owned companies
Municipality of Chioggia · Municipality of Venezia · Municipality of Padova · Municipality of Cadoneghe · Municipality of Pontelongo · Province of Verona · Municipality of Castelfranco · Municipality of Schio Enel Spa · CISL Territoriale Veneto · Intercantieri Vittadello Spa · CoSiDra spa · Heilbronn Company (Kurdistan) · Naccer (Mozambico) · Seteq Ltd (Mozambico) · Consultec Ltd (Mozambico)
Water treatment companies Public agencies
VERITAS Spa · Area Venezia e Area Chioggia · AVS Alto Vicentino Servizi · Agua Rural Zambesia (Mozambico); · Acque Veronesi Scarl · Acque del Chiampo Spa Magistracy of Water · AIPO Parma · Special Commissioner for the Flood Mestre · INSULA Spa · Venice Port Authorities · Bacchiglione River Reclamation Consortium · Consorzio Venezia Nuova
Education, Universities and Research Hospitals and health clinics
Università Ca’ Foscari  · CNR Venezia National Health Service Unit 4, Alto Vicentino · NHSS 6, Vicenza · NHSS 15, Alta Padovana
International associations  
Unicef (Mozambique) · Save The Children (Mozambique)

Piazzale Stazione, 7
35131 PADOVA
P.IVA 02327500282

Tel. 0498 763 688
Fax 0498 763 382

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