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Spea Maritime works - Genoa Road and Motorway Junction


Genoa Road and Motorway Junction - Adjustment of the motorway system A7 – A10 – A12 - Maritime works

HMR has provided SPEA Engineering with a specialized support related to the executive planning of the maritime works connected to the intervention called "Gronda di Ponente" and planned as part of the plan to upgrade the Genoa motorway junction.
The specialized support concerned the reclamation works of the reclaimed area, realized by means of cellular boxes, of a reflecting and non-reflecting type, complete with an embedding and abutment step, the relative waterproofing and the themes inherent to the behavior of the seabed in the presence of the deposit material and, specifically, analyzed the following aspects:
1. Geotechnical problems in the marine environment;
2. Structural checks of cellular cassoons;
3. Operational phases and methods of execution of the interventions;
4. Security plans.


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