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Presentation of the Hydraulic Study of Sottomarina


In January 2014 it was presented the Hydraulic Study of Sottomarina Plumber, commissioned by the Consorzio Venezia Nuova to HMR Company

The study is part of the "Program Agreement for the environmental protection of Lusenzo basin in the lagoon of Venice" (Supplementary Agreement of Framework Programme for water protection and integrated management of water resources, 23.12.2002) , signed on 28 July 2009 between the Ministry, the Magistrate of the Venice Water Authority, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Chioggia and AATO "Venetian Lagoon" agreement intended to implement a coordinated series of interventions aimed at the pursuit of a general settlement of the wastewater management system of meteoric Sottomarina area in the Municipality of Chioggia, with two objectives:

- The environment, with the reduction of the loads of pollutants of diffuse origin generated by the contributions accidents on hydrological basin of Sottomarina and now spilled into the Lusenzo lagoon through the existing sewerage network;

- Hydraulic, with the reduction of the current flood risk condition that characterizes this field, with a frequency of flooding unsustainable for a densely populated town, especially during the summer season.

The study was developed in the period September - December 2013



commissionato dal Consorzio Venezia Nuova alla
scrivente società HMR s.r.l.


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