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Conference on “The international dimension of the bonifica..."– Friday December 17, 2010


HMR was an enthusiastic sponsor of the conference that dealt with the catastrophic flood that struck the Veneto territory in November, 2010.
The conference was entitled: "The international dimension of hydraulic reclamation and new emergencies in the Veneto Region" Friday, December 17, 2010

The recent floodwaters returned public attention to the significance of hydraulic safety and reclamation in  the Veneto Region due to the conformation of the territory and environmental characteristics.
The widespread presence of bodies of water and river beds above the level of the open countryside, the vast areas below sea level, and the torrential nature of its hillside riverbeds have always demanded extremely  complex and articulated interventions in which reclamation assumes vital importance.
The Veneto Region has always stood at the vanguard of hydraulic reclamation in both Italy and Europe thanks to the innovation introduced at various levels with which administrators, technicians and operators have addressed the territory’s hydraulic questions over the years.
The Conference began by focusing on the relevance of hydraulic safety and reclamation activities at international level through two initial presentations that illustrated the activities of the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage and Reclamation Consortiums in Europe.
The experiences of the reclamation consortiums  in the Province of Rovigo bore significance that carried even beyond national boundaries. For such reason, the following presentations emphasized the activities that had greater importance to the development of the area around the Po River  and the effects that the experience acquired in such context had also abroad.
The second part of the Conference was dedicated to the re-organization of the reclamation effort in the Veneto Region and the proposals from reclamation consortiums for the sufficient hydraulic defense of the territory that assumed particular relevance in the currently difficult phase immediately following the recent flood. In this regard significant interventions based on the experience acquired in the management of the recent flooding in the districts of the four Adige Euganeo, Alta Pianura Veneta, Bacchiglione, and Brenta reclamation consortiums that were particularly affected by the flooding and on the proposals to provide the Veneto Region with more effective hydraulic safety and protection are envisioned.

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